The new, more powerful, program - Delete Skype Account Network Edition is just released.

Learn how to:

  • clean up your personal information on Skype cloud
  • delete all your instant messages in chat partners and Skype servers
  • remove your login name from Skype search directory
  • and more

Delete Skype Account Standard Edition - Overview

Delete Skype Account box

Skype™ is widely popular communication tool in the world.

We are using Skype to comunicate with friends, coworkers, relatives, etc. We use it at home, at work, at cybercafe or other public and not safe places. Skype as many messenger keeps conversation history on the local computer so everyone who use this PC after us could recover some information which we would not be like to share

Delete Skype Account application removes all Skype account related information on PC e.g. conversation history, log-in logs, list of Skype calls.


Delete Skype Account 1.0.2

Zip archive (0.4 MB)

MSI installer (3.4 MB)

Use Delete Skype Account when:

  • You want to delete all information about Skype account on the PC
  • You don't want to leave any data on computer in Internet-café or other public places
  • You want to be sure that no one will recover Skype account history

Application screenshots:

select operation successfull option complete result about form

Delete Skype Accoount is easy and safe to use application.

Delete Skype Account is not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by Skype™.

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